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Hot Spring

There are few more enjoyable experiences on a chilly winter night in the mountains of northern Thailand than a dip in a natural hot spring. Thailand’s hot springs are found in some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes and provide visitors with the perfect balance of relaxation and natural beauty. The following links provide visitors with detailed information about visiting a Thailand hot spring.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Only 36 kilometres from Chiang Mai town and you will be plunging in one of San Kamphaeng hot springs (that’s not too hot) amid natural surroundings of lush trees and verdant hills. The spring contains sulphur and m...

Pha Bong Hot Spring

Covering an area of 3 acres, Pha Bong Hot Spring is located about 11 kilometres from town on Highway No.108.  There are facilities for mineral water bath for health purpose.

Tha Pai Hot Spring

This is another attraction in the area of Huai Nam Dang National Park. The hot spring is two kilometres off Route 1095 at Km. 87. It has an average temperature of 80 celcius. Steam from the spring permeates the site in t...

Ban Bo Dan Hot Spring

The Baan Bo Dan Hot Spring originates mineral water flowing through corners of the levels of rock in the valley. The district official provides mineral water wells containing mineral water of around 65 Celsius. Its surro...

Bo Khlueng Hot Stream

   Bo Khlueng is a natural hot stream whose water source is from the Tanao Si Mountains and is full of mineral water believed can be used for skin treatment. The water which flows all year round has temperature...