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Wiangpapao trip by bicycle

"Wiangpapao" is a quiet ,charm, natural beauty town situated in a valley and embraced by mountains.It is unknown tourist destination. Wiangpapao is also an ancient town formerly called "Wiangkalong"and well-known as...

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Baan Kru mineral spring

  Baan Kru mineral spring Baan Kru mineral spring is located at Tambol Pukam, Amphur Vichienburi. It is the natural mineral spring with water all year and does not have any smell of sulphur. It was found in 2006 d...

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Ban Bo Dan Hot Spring

Located in Tambon Bo Dan, the Ban Bo Dan Hot Spring is part of The Hot Spring Beach Resort and Spa and is surrounded with beautiful landscape and lush area. The warm mineral water whirling in the pond is best for the rel...

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Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring

This is a small spring that sprouts up to the surface. The hot water from underground converges to form a little stream that flows down to Than Khok Khwai or Huai Khun Kaeo. The water is clear and pungent with the aroma ...

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Betong Hot Spring

The Betong Hot Spring is one of Betong district’s many enticing natural attractions. Visitors can enjoy hot spring baths at the site, which are rich in minerals and are believed to alleviate muscle pain and skin ir...

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Bo Khlueng Hot Stream
Bo Khlueng Hot Stream(Ratchaburi)

Bo Khlueng is a natural hot stream whose water source is from the Tanao Si Mountains and is full of mineral water believed can be used for skin treatment. The water which flows all year round has temperature between 50-6...

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Bo Nam Rae Bo Nam Ron

Bo Nam Rae Bo Nam Ron Bo Nam Rae Bo Nam Ron (Mineral hot spring) is located in Ban Pong Ron, Mai Phatthana Sub-district, Ko Kha District, Lampang Province. It is 12 kilometers from the city center of Ko Kha along Ko Kha...

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Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool(Krabi)

 Originated from the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji, supposedly Thailand’s last piece of lush forest, this hot spring is a must-see destination. Prepare to be impressed by spectrums of turquoise stream that s...

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Fang Hot Springs
Fang Hot Springs(Chiang Mai)

The hot springs of Fang are the main attraction of this ancient district of Chiang Mai. These hot springs are part of Doi Pa Hom Pok National Park and feature 40-88-degree-celsius springs originate from simmering granite...

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Hin Dad Hot Spring
Hin Dad Hot Spring(Kanchanaburi)

Discovered by the Japanese army during the World War II, Hin Dad Hot Springs, formerly known as Kuimang Hot Springs, feature natural springs with 45-55 degree celsius, which is believed to contain healing properties to h...

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