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Operating day : Saturday - Sunday

Operating time : 06.00 - 18.00

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Samut Songkhram

Bangnoi Floating Market is located at the Bangnoi canal (Wat Koh Kaew), Kradangnga sub-district, Bang Khonthi district. It is 5 kilometers away from the King Rama II Memorial Park in Amphawa district and Amphawa Floating Market. Bangnoi community or Bangnoi Nok used to be a very important trading water area along the Mae Klong River. 40 years ago, wooden houses were built along the two riversides. Bangnoi Floating Market is open during the waning moon period and the waxing moon period on 4th, 8th and 3rd. it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 07.00 on. Agricultural products sold here include lychees, mangoes, pomelo, star apples, rose apples and Samut Songkhram’s well-known foods and desserts like Klong shrimp paste, lemon pickles bought from the farms, preserved and sold on the boat. Also, on the ground inside the wooden house shops, various interesting goods are available. If you visit Bangnoi Floating Market, you should not miss Taejiu Roti of Renu which is the only roti store in Bangnoi Floating Market. Visitors can wander around the market to viewing the ancient atmosphere, enjoying various shops along the riverside and talking with the local people. For those who like the antiques, there is a free museum called the Tang Siam Ha Museum. Boat trip to the museum at Wat Sai, an over 400-year-old temple, is available where you can learn the establishment of the place and the daily life of people along the way.Homestays are available for tourists who love to experience the peaceful environment. For more information, please contact Rakbangkontee Eco Tourism and Travel Association. Tel. 081-308-7378, 081‐812‐4835 or visit 

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